Your mind is your greatest asset. You want it organized, efficient and working for you. You cannot achieve anything through double purposes. Journaling will help you to code the enduring principles you will learn in this course into a powerful operating system, clarify your thought processes in a consistent way and also enlighten you as to what is presently standing in your way. In order to master your mind, we must not be in denial. Mastery can only happen through love and inclusiveness and not conflict and attack.

We must become awakened to the mental diet we have been feeding ourselves. To make dramatic change, we must take dramatic action, think powerfully and love radically. Fear stops us from being all that.

“It can’t be that simple!” Write this belief out in your journal, look at it from all angles and see how this belief is stopping you and actually setting you up for more obstacles. Your mind is only creative. What you put in is what you churn out. It’s only your story and the resistance that makes it seem difficult. 

It is easy to stay in the rut of what is comfortable even to the insane extent that  it is not working. It seems like as human beings we don’t do anything constructive till we hit the saturation point of intense suffering. And even then, we can fall into a long drawn out abyss of depression and total resignation and defeat. This is totally unnecessary. To dramatically change our situations, we must radically change our minds. We must see the mind is cause of all matter.

The world we see is an outward picture of an inner mental condition. To tinker with the world of effects is merely to exchange one form of the same limited mindset for another manifestation. There is no true transformation. A lottery winner may attract massive wealth into his life but his fear of loss and deprivation and his belief that he is not a good manager of money will cause him to become bankrupt in no time.  His inner mental condition has not changed. His poverty consciousness and guilt complex still rules him from within.

Your mind is purely creative and it works on the principles of cause and effect. As within, so without. You presently have a mind that possesses a huge silo of unlimited data and a tremendous vivid of imagination. As AWARENESS, you can travel everywhere in your mind. Let’s be honest, how much of it is really under your control? What are you focused on? 

Control is neither good nor bad. Like everything, it depends on how you define it within yourself.

Do you feel run by your thoughts? Then you are zombified by them.

Does your past still haunt you? Then you are brainwashed by that belief that memory has power over you.

Are you ruled by your outer situations? If so, you think and feel out of control.

Do you want to see that you have denied your mastery? Through repeated mistaken identification and denial that we are all powerful, our minds have been conditioned to believe it is at effect and a victim instead of at cause.

We are in a labryinth of self-hypnosis and we can awaken through deliberate intent and Self-persuasion.

Journaling is a means to this sort of inquiry, meditation and balanced contemplation. To journal daily is the constant reminder not to continuously hit the snooze button of denial.  It is a powerful means by which you can teach your mind to discriminate, to consciously draw out what we have kept hidden from ourselves,  and to tell the difference between what is helpful and unhelpful; loving and unloving,  true and false.

It is a course in mind training.

The importance of this work cannot be stressed enough. Organization must be incisive, deliberate and in alignment with your purpose of mastery and freedom in order to be effective.   


Journaling is a powerful way to distill within yourself what is helpful and unhelpful, loving and unloving, true and false. It will help you to crystallize in a very visceral and living way the version of your unique Self.



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