Mind Wacthing

Analogy of Movie

The nature of a movie is meant to draw you in with a good storyline, good acting and an engaging emotional ride that is worthy of your attention. With masterful direction and skillful co-ordination of all the moving parts, the movie becomes an intricate composition of meaningful scenes, dramatic relationships, delightful orchestration and a compelling story that keeps you on the edge of your seat and wanting more. You just can’t get enough.  Throw in some eye candy, some memorable lines, an Oscar winning performance, and a plot of an underdog overcoming great odds and you are now totally hooked.

A wonderfully directed movie does that and more. It makes you actually believe that what the actors are going through are real. And you experience all the emotions that go along with this mesmerizing rollercoaster ride.

You may even find yourself totally identified with one of the characters. It is a full-on immersion into movie-scape world. There is no pretense here. You actually become the very character that you witness. That becomes your self-concept.

A cell phone rings in the theater. A glitch. An inconsistency in your reality.  And with a reactive “fuck”, you are momentarily jolted from self-hypnosis to your non-movie reality. You experience an instant of something more fundamental than the movie. 

It doesn’t stay like this for long. As if led unwittingly by the tune of a pipe piper, you once again suspend disbelief and fall under the trance of the moving picture. But the seed has been planted and you can’t quite shake the feeling that nothing as it appears to be. You remark

“Something just doesn’t quite add up.”

This is the opening and in an involuntary flash, a still quiet voice rushes in to remind you gently of your non movie presence. This time however, you are ready to hear what it has to say. 

 “Aren’t you sick of the same old, same old yet? You know,  there is something more to reality than meets the eye and there is a better way to go about it.”

You find yourself suddenly thrown into the throes of terror by the prospect that the self you have become is not it. “What?!!! You mean what I had once invested so much of my attention and importance on is not really the full picture, the truth?!”

You start to frantically deconstruct you reality. You look around for help but you see that everyone around you in the theater is still under the spell of the movie.

As your reality starts to crumble, you suddenly realize that all of this dismantling is going nowhere. You’re still operating from the character in the movie except this time you are conscious you are stuck in the God damn theater and you have absolutely no clue when all this all started.

Another opening. A gentle suggestion rushes in unimpeded and unfiltered: “Why don’t you see how the movie is being cast on the screen? It sure beats staying here in your seat and doing nothing but stewing.” You are suddenly frightened and thrilled by the prospect of this change but you decide anyways to take the leap of faith.  “What do I have to lose?” So, you rush headlong into room. You see a projector with a reel of film running in front of a light source and you remark:  “Oh that’s how reality is made!” 

What you once thought was a miracle was actually purely a mechanical construction and a sophisticated interaction of light, energy, slides of arranged images and sound.

You now become conscious of something you didn’t know before.  You shift your attention from being fixed on the screen of inert images to truly seeing how movie is being presented on a canvas. You can’t go back to being unaware no matter how hard you try.

As if led voluntarily by the script of inspiration, you say  “Maybe I can learn to make my own movie.” You are promptly directed to an exit sign. It takes you a little while for you to adjust to your new surroundings but very soon you start to navigate in your new reality with a measure of ease. You even start to enroll in a course on movie making.  You start to have a new lease on life and you are now willing to take charge of your reality. You surround yourself with experts in the field, educate yourself and seek any opportunity that might propel you to your goal. With commitment, time, training and diligent practice, you finally graduate from film school.

There’s still some serious work ahead of you since you wish to write and direct your own script. Now you have to actively put into practice all the rules and principles of film making. You start to organize all the discrete parts of screenwriting, casting, shooting, sound recording and pre-production and editing, never for a moment losing sight of the vision.

Residual doubt and frustration may enter from time to time but it belongs to a past that you no longer identify with. You acknowledge their existence and simply wave goodbye to them. 

With a roadmap and a repertoire of problem solving tools, you start to navigate the track of making a movie. Harnessed with a renewed appreciation for your craft and joy of your new reality, you start to sieve out what no longer works, weed out any remaining rogue elements and fine tune your creation process.  Organizing your team and all the ingredients into this shared vision becomes your way of life. This is your reality now and you are entirely consumed by it. You leave no room for accidental success but you also learn through experience, patience and stillness to leave plenty of openings for new ideas and inspiration to unfold.

You find yourself now fully involved but without any sense of entanglement.



The Hidden Structure Behind Reality

Awakening is like watching a movie that you are no longer interested in and now you want to see how reality is being created.

Awakening is usually preceded by a period of intense suffering that makes you start to question the basis of your misery.  Disillusionment is your reality dismantling. It is the seeing that everything that you once thought to be important has no more significance or relevance for you.

As you move through the process of transformation from willingness to readiness and mastery, know that a caterpillar’s reality is very different from a that of a butterfly. Transformation is usually accompanied by a deep sense of uncertainty but that is only coming from the caterpillar’s point of view. As you have the roadmap of this process, you can now have faith and conviction that the butterfly’s reality is already yours to have.

Without a seed, there is no tree.

Without a vision, people perish.

Without desire, there is no creation.

It’s impossible to go back to the old way. The old way of desire was filtered through a belief in lack. The new way of desire is to create out of the truth of abundance.

There is no need to resist the metamorphosis. Resistance merely prolongs the inevitable in time but not in welcome.  Have faith that the world never had any true control over you. You merely thought that it did. Disillusionment is seeing through the illusion that you can be a victim of your situations. The script of the past was over a long time ago and that it is merely being relived over and over again because we have simply forgotten who we are and that we can take agency.

Your current movie track may have been directed haphazardly and written in unawareness but you are now conscious of a better way and that is to direct it yourself. It’s no longer 2D reality but one that is layered in a holographic 3D canvas of time and space.

So redirect your eyes from the world and start to organize the physical, emotional and mental ingredients of your inner world. In unawareness, we are led by the pipe piper’s tune of the outer world. In awareness, we see the inner makes the outer. We turn away from the evidence of our senses and direct the inner script as we so desire.

Our inner world contains out bodies, feelings and mind. Our bodies act out our internal purposes. Our emotions are an extension of our thoughts. Thoughts form around our purposes and become beliefs. 

Our minds are the mechanical projectors but also contains all the possible versions of identities, script, memories, images and impression. And You are the Light SOURCE from which the reel of the your movie is being projected on the canvas of your mind. 

Release the past and pay no more attention to what doesn’t work. Aim true to your purpose.

When you understand the inertness of images, you no longer purchase the belief that they have power over you. It was only the false meaning you gave to the symbols of the world that  gave them the appearance that they could control your mind.

There is no independent movie apart from what you desire to watch.  The world is an out-picturing of your consciousness and your emotionalized attachments and exaggerated aversions merely gave the images an illusory control over you. 



The Roadmap

1. Be aware of your non-movie presence. You are something quite apart from the movie you are watching.

2. There is nothing you can do to change movie that is currently running. You can only see it differently and for what it truly is.  The film and script have already been written, produced,  shot, directed and is powered by You as Awareness. As you see it from the perspective of a butterfly, you won’t take the bait. As a Master of your Reality, you now have a bird’s eye view of the terrain. Reality now has become a thing of beauty and perfection. 

3. Power your desired script and movie and compose your image slides. In the current screening of your movie, there is nothing to stop you from loading another script and movie. You can SHIFT to another reality, by changing your mindset, paradigm and with the understanding put in place by training your mind in purpose. You can traverse another life track by thinking, feeling and acting differently. You do so even in the face of evidence to the contrary because you are no longer controlled by the outer world.

4. You shift to another life track by divesting all interest on the past wounded script. It is your single minded purpose that is the assurance of success.

5. Invest all your time, energies and creativity into organizing the elements of your physical, emotional and mental action. You are the Director that is composing your new reality. Compose the goal slide and leave nothing to chance. Drop importance on the past. Acknowledge your gains. Let go of your obstacles and embody the person you want to become.

5. Images have no power. As Awareness, you give them the power of animation and meaning.  There is no independent reality apart from you.  The world is an out picturing of your inner condition and script. Emotionalized attachments and exaggerated aversions give the images and symbols of the world an illusory control over you. And that is only because you let them.

5. The forces of the past will try pull you back into the script of fear. Don’t take the bait. Pay no more attention to it. Look at it dispassionately and wave goodbye to it.  Fear is False Evidence Appearing Real.

6. Don’t overcome your obstacles. Instead drop importance to them and see them fall away or collapse on their own. What has no more value for you, you will not energize. All problems belong to  the caterpillar belong to it. The butterfly has none.  

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