The Perfect Day


Since your mind is only creative and cause of your current experience, you are going to deliberately lay a blueprint of your perfect day. Get quiet, look within yourself and get in tune with your soul’s purpose of what you wish to experience in this lifetime. No holds barred. Totally free from limitations and compulsive conventions. Smash stereotypes. Initiate your own game. Be yourself. Step out of what is comfortable and familiar. As you do so, the means will also be given you. This is the secret you have hidden from yourself.

Write in the first person. Visualize in the first person. Experience the emotions as if you are living that creation now. You have a powerful and vivid sense of imagination and we are giving your mind a firm footing in the Present. Always bring it back to NOW. This will give you the profound experience that you can, in any instant, choose how you like to think, feel and act. Let go of compulsive obsessive thinking that leads no where. It is creative energy misspent.

As an example, do not say “I want a big house,” That demonstrates a decision of lack and places your perfect day in the future and out of reach. Your intention of future happiness will keep you chasing your dreams and out of grasp. Say instead “I live in a big house”.  Feel that. Give it all the tones of reality. As you journal, you will get good at it.

Remember deeply that you want to have a living present vision that is clear instead of blurred, glorious in specifics instead of vague, conscious instead of unconscious. Your world is your imaginal act objectified and projected out. Reinforce this principle in your mind that it is the platform for engineering your life.

Remember, that everything that you are experiencing now is a product of a past thought, belief and narrative that you have accepted. BE willing to let go of what no longer works.

Write in your journal everyday.


The Perfect Day

No Holds Bar

There are no limitations, be they geographical, financial or health.

Do not write out anything that is illegal or harmful. You will be out of integrity and would be mind energy misspent in creating what you do not want. It will keep you in conflict. Your true desire is to free from the compulsion of thinking competitively and to hurt others.

Write instead what you would do on a daily basis. Write out what it is that excites and inspires you and the action you would take that is consistent with your passion. As you take action, even if they are baby steps, open your vision to see opportunities instead of problems.

Have an image of your dream house with tons of specifics and imagine yourself living in it as the first person.

Persist in that assumption.

The Perfect Day

Helpful Hints

Where would you live?
What would house look like?
What would it smell like?
What would you do in the morning?
What would you have for breakfast?
What would you be thinking about?
Where would you spend the first half of the day?
What would you have for lunch?
Who would you eat with?
What would your friends be like?
What would you do for personal fulfillment?
What life purpose would you strive towards?
What would your business be?
What are your clients like?
What time would you start work?
What would you actually do at work?
What title would you have at work?
What type of products would you be working on?
What is relationship like with spouse? Family?
What would you do for family time?
Where would you eat?
Who would you eat with?
What would you talk about?
Who would you do it with?
What time would you go to bed?
What would that look like?
What would you think about when you go to bed?
Who would you be next to (if anyone)?

Surround yourself with images that you enjoy. Experience the relationships that wish to have. The objective world is your desire fulfilled. It is the mirror of your inner condition. Your mind works only with images and when you invest them with emotion, meaning, belief and conviction, they manifest in correspondence to our appropriated mental assumption.

Who would you like to surround yourself with?

If you are a complainer, you will attract into your sphere of influence people who also complain and can validate your story. The opposite is also true.

We attract who we are.

Surround yourself with people who are successful. Gather the skills. Equip yourself. Take Action.

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