We experience our assumed self-concept



The world that we see, as much as it appears to be outside and independent of our perception of it, is an outward projection of an inner assumption. Under this law,  the world we see depends not so much of what is there,  but the meaning that we have given to it when we look at it.  Our internal interpretations then become the platform from which we create our physical experience of the outer world. In Awareness, we see how the world mirrors our assumptions. In Un-awareness, we compulsively react to the world which we mistakenly assume we cannot change or affect in any significant way. We become resigned to our lot and say “It’s just the way it is”. We place cause outside of ourselves. We let the images of the world rule our minds. We are fearful of our own thoughts. We assume the role of victim. We are At Effect.


Do I desire to rule my circumstances instead of being ruled by them?”

Remember, neither belief nor disbelief is required.  Judge nothing and like a truth-scientist, hooked on truth-serum,  be willing test this out to the extreme.  

As you are reading this text, see that you are ascribing your own meaning to it. Your interpretations and emotional investment in it, reflects your dominant mental attitude, locks in your perception and produces the “desired” experience. There is no single instant where we are not experiencing the content of our mental assumptions.

“This is nonsense!” You may remark. Can you see how closed-off and defensive you become by this interpretation? And also how quick to dismiss what could be the solution to your life? When we open our hearts as an inner assumption, we are also open the means in which to see truly. Our assumptions not only shape how we see but they create reality. 

Ask yourself : If I have given everything the meaning it has for me, what meaning do I want to ascribe to myself and my relationship to the circumstances of my life?

We all have had the experience of saying something to someone and then having them repeat it back to us in a way that is opposite to what we meant. If we are to be totally honest, we hear what we want to hear and see what we want to see. That is why all argument (both inner and outer) is misspent energy. This is not a dis on thinking or discussion or analysis. But instead of arguing for our limitations why not argue about how we can constructively create a world that works for all of us?

If I believe myself to be unattractive, no amount of compliments from others will satisfy me. Through persistent assumption, I may even become convinced that others are liars. I react accordingly.  I become prejudiced of their motives. My suspicion colors my perception and my mistrust shrinks my world. I then start complimenting others in order to seek validation from them.  This then becomes a big emotional investment in a mechanical feedback loop with in which I seek out experiences to confirm my inner most insecurities.

What are the mental assumptions that you would like to start questioning?

“Do I desire a world where I am powerful instead of helpless?”

When I want to be right about how life is totally unfair, I will seek out all the proof in the world. And no amount of argument from another can convince me otherwise till I can see that I am totally responsible for the wall of assumptions that I have built within myself. These assumptions  rule my from within till they can be exposed.

There were once two brothers named David and John. They had an abusive father who was a drunk and would come home every night and beat them up.

40 years transpired and a reporter wanted to to investigate how both David and John turned out.

David is at home laying on a couch, in a drunken stupor. He can barely get it together to make himself a meal.  The reporter asked, “How is it that your life turned out this way?” David replied “My father was a drunk and would beat me up every night. How else could my life have turned out?”

John is now the CEO of a multi million dollar company and the director of many charities. The reporter asked him “How is that your life turned out this way?” John replied “My father was a drunk and would beat me up every night. How else could my life have turned out?”

Both David and John used the same words. But they assumed completely different meanings.

Your assumptions determine the tracks you lay for your life. It is that simple and direct.



The world is my assumption pushed out. It is the meaning that I have give to it that either binds me or frees me. Knowing this, the world can no longer appear to rule me.

“Do I desire a world where challenges are gifts instead of justifications for self-defeat?

Do I desire a world in which I am free and in harmony instead of reactive and entangled?

Do I desire a world in which I have no enemies?”

Do I desire a world in which my invulnerability is made manifest?

The  worst and most tragic and traumatic things that have ever happened to you in your life can be the greatest gift of your life. It depends on the meaning that you give to it. We can either stay wounded or become wiser. If we stay wounded, that is the appropriation of a powerless state of mind. Life will slap on more experiences to confirm that. If you are fearful of what is to come, that is your guilt complex that justifies more punishment. This becomes a deeper descent into hell.

This is not cruelty, but demonstrates that we are that so powerful that we can even create bondages for ourselves. If I assume it, I can also un-assume it. If I made it, I can also undo it. It is undone through revision and forgiveness.

The computer does not know good or bad.  It merely replicates the information and data you place in it and churns out the code from which your creations come to be. Our minds have no independent will apart from what we are invested in. 

Let us no longer be automatons to our conditioned beliefs.

Bridge of Incidents

 Our assumptions lay down tracks for our lives. The circumstances of our lives are not immutable and as solid as we assume them to be. We can choose to revise them. The power of decision is our own.

A consistent assumption will build a bridge of incidents that will lead to the fulfillment of the images of our conscious or unconscious desires. An incidental assumption will bring about a bridge of incidents that feels accidental.

When we subscribe to the world view that matter is fixed and our circumstances difficult to change, we have given the power of causation over to the world. Negative thinking creates a lower frequency and this pessimism locks us into unwanted experiences.  We get a pay off for being a victim because we can now surround ourselves with others who can validate our stories. Let’s take pause and ask ourselves honestly: Does this really work? 

When we start to appreciate the power of our minds, our imaginal acts naturally become constructive. Why would we hurt ourselves unless we were unconscious and insane? We no longer negate everything and believe that our situations are so solid. They become fluid and open to revision. We are no longer entangled with the images and thoughts. Instead we see that we do have control.  The world changes to match our frequency. The world arranges its images to reflect our new identity. To choose out of compulsion is not true freedom. Freedom is freedom from all compulsion and conditioning.

Do I want to see if I have denied my mastery?”

Course in Cause and not Effect

The outer world is effect. And so when we work with effects, we are merely exchanging our upset for another form of frustration.

It is indeed easy to revert back to what is a comfortable. Afterall, we have become familiar with a world view that we can be at the mercy of our circumstances and be deprived without consent. This assumption keeps us in the state of fear and stuck in the status quo of powerlessness. 

It is only through the inner world that any transformation can take place. Through the deliberate use of your imagination, we appropriate the subjective mental state which creates our objective reality.

Daring to assume that all things are possible to imagine, put this one reality to the extreme test by assuming you are the person you would like to be. Your reasonable mind and outer senses may deny it; but I promise you: if you will persist, you will receive your assumption. Believe me, you are the same God who created and sustains the universe, but are keyed low; so you must be persistent if you would bring about a change.

Neville Goddard



Throughout the day, take stock. Check the inventory of your mind. Ask yourself questions which give your mind footing back into the present moment. Check in. Show up.  Ask yourself:  What is my present state of mind? Am I judging my mind and therefore assuming conflict? If there is resistance, how am I holding that resistance within myself? Am I seeing anything presently as a problem? What constructive action can i take?Am I viewing my world in the negative?  How am I holding the challenges within me? How are you using the words,  “I AM”?  Are you in the present moment or are you saying, ‘I will be…” or ‘I am going to…’?  Bring yourself constantly back to the moment and allow yourself to appropriate the feelings of the state desired.  Do it often.  You have the power to rearrange your mind therefore changing your reality.   Begin it now.


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