What is Reality Transurfing?

"Transurfing is not so much a new method of self-improvement as a fundamentally different way of thinking and behaving in order to get what you desire out of life. It implies exactly this–to get what you desire from life, rather than having to fight for it. The method of Transurfing is not aimed at changing the self. It offers a way of returning to self."

Vadim Zeland

Reality Transurfing in a nutshell

From the first few moments of reading Vadim Zeland's book, my world lit up.

I have been a student of A Course in Miracles (ACIM)  for over a decade but the language of this book presented a model of seeing that was palatable to my scientific mind and appealed to the idea of my world as a quantum universe.

Here are the 10 golden rules of reality transurfing to help you shape your reality, rewrite your script, and shift your self-concept.

1. The Space of Variations

milky way, universe, person

The eradiation of mental energy induces the materialization of the variation.

Vadim Zeland

Everything that can exist already exists. Since there are an infinite amount of variations, thought-forms, arrangements of energy, there is also an endless number of possible life tracks. There is an "I" as a King, a beggar, a drug addict, a man, a woman, a name, an atheist, an agnostic, a believer, etc. These innumerable roles that we play can find their source in the space of variations.

This means that the world as we know it is a memory, data, and informational structure that contains an infinite amount of manifestation with their individualized preferences, beliefs, and attachments.

In this model of reality, all creative power rests in our MIND.  It is the quality of our attention, intention, thoughts, and beliefs that influences our destiny. The world we see is what we choose to hold in mind; and there is no objective reality apart from the individual meaning we give to it.  In this respect, it is no different from Quantum physics, or other metaphysical principles that teach us that the world we perceive is but an outward projection of an inner condition (or choice). If we choose to hold hate, then our world will reflect that hostility and division back to us. If we choose Love and harmony, then the world we witness will also become a representation of that vibration. The quality of love, hate, bliss, and misery are not in the world but only in our minds that project the world.

As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.

In practice, this means that we don’t have to struggle or fight for our happiness and sense of abundance. We merely have to consciously choose it.

2. Pendulums

pendulum, cone, chain

When there is a lot of energy invested in a particular direction, this creates a pendulum. There are familial, societal, religious, political, and national pendulums.

When we are unaware of their influence, pendulums can be detrimental. The use of indoctrination by organized religion and the feeding of mass hysteria through misinformation and deceit is one example. The socialization and programming of children that lead to stunted emotional growth and psychological blocks in adults, is another one.

Pendulums are ideas, concepts, doctrines, ideologies that have followers, admirers, adherents, and believers. The news media, for example, is a giant pendulum that feeds information to the public. It derives its power from its subscribers. The news media, however, can also be controlled by other more influential pendulums such as special interest groups, powerful corporations, and political parties.

Pendulums that are destructive suck time and energy from their followers without giving back much in return. Examples of these are the pendulums of sickness, tribalism, war, and political partisanship. Nothing gets accomplished and attack is the main strategy of all harmful pendulums.

To fight a pendulum, however, is useless. This is because resistance and fear of pendulums only energize and make them even more dominant in your reality. Pendulums overwhelm us if we unconsciously give them the power to do so

The only way to not fall under the influence of a pendulum is to first, be aware of its insidious influence on us. The way to do that is to become cognizant of its mechanical process and how it uses fear and terror to grip our minds’ attention.

In awareness, we disempower pendulums by dis-identifying with them. By withdrawing our investment in them, pendulums cease to run our lives. To lose interest in them is also to no longer be hostage to them.  A pendulum's hold over you is only as good as its ability to capture your attention; and the use of your attention comes from how you see and value pendulums.

Extinguishing a pendulum, therefore, requires mastery, discernment, and awareness. When we no longer derive any gain or loss from it, the pendulum ceases to cast its spell over us. We become the witness of the energetic phenomena instead of the blind participant of the pendulum.

The world as we know is a play of opposites and extremes. So, as must as there are pendulums that are destructive and run on fear, there are also those that benefit its members and serve the overall good. Non-profit or charitable organizations that add value to people’s lives and espouse integrity as their guiding principle are such examples. These are the pendulums of love, and a healthy attitude and respect towards everyone.

3. The wave of fortune

wave, atlantic, pacific

According to Vadim Zeland, there is no such thing as a constructive pendulum. The reasoning is such that if a pendulum receives energy from its adherents, there is nothing notably creative about it. Even if the adherent or member receives benefit from it, he or she still has to adhere to certain rules within the functioning of the pendulum. Again, this limits the adherent within the boundaries of the energetic structure.

There is however an antipode to pendulums and that is the wave of fortune.

It is a set of circumstances that are favorable to you personally. It is a set of lifelines that are auspicious for you personally.

Vadim Zeland

Since every conceivable life track already exists in the space of alternatives, then the only thing available is to choose it. You can choose happiness and success at the same time but still remain restricted and swayed by the pendulum of what other people think. In order to be truly free, one must be independent and to no longer be run by the memories of the past. Recycling the past only creates more of the past.

A cascade of fortune follows if one lets himself be joyful. By emitting negativity, you destroy all possibility of riding the wave of fortune. By transmitting positivity, you create your own heaven.

4. excess potential

telephone, telegraph, pole

Life tends towards balance. The body is an example of that.  If there are excessive impurities, the body will naturally invoke its defenses to correct that imbalance.

Excess potential is when one attributes inflated importance to anything. This creates a distorted and prejudiced perception of reality and balancing forces will come in to show what needs to be addressed.

Have you ever noticed that whatever you place excessive importance on usually evades you?

Discontent or self-deprecation, for example, will bring on more obstacles to show where one is out of balance. Anger will attract aggravating circumstances. The solution then is to drop importance to whatever upsets you.

Pride on the other hand, precipitates a slap from the universe. The solution then is to let go of all judgment of self and others and to become spiritually independent.

The idolization of another often leads to disappointment and the eventual loss of faith in the thing or the person one idolizes. This is corrected by unconditional love. It is "admiration without worship or the need to possess" (Vadim Zeland)

To find balance is to drop all attachment and aversion to excessiveness. Balance takes awareness which translates into masterful thinking, feeling, and acting. It is to manifest the best possible good in any situation.

Do not try to overcome obstacles; reduce the amount of importance you project unto them.

Vadim Zeland

5. induced transition

padlock, locked, old

Road rage just doesn't happen out of anywhere.  It is an accumulation of unreleased and unresolved anger that builds over time and expresses itself when triggered by external stimuli.

Likewise, an induced transition, triggered by an unpleasant situation, is a build-up of negative energy that spirals out of control and descends into a personal hell.

According to the principles of transurfing, we layer our worlds with our thoughts and emotionalized beliefs.  So when we have a negative self-image, our complaints worsen things and aggravate our shortcomings. This is how it works: "you come up against circumstances that disappoint you and so you express your dissatisfaction which then aggravates the situation even more. Your discontent comes back to you like a triple force boomerang" (Vadim Zeland)

By consuming bad news or negative information, we subconsciously attract "bad" stuff into our lives. This turns us from just being the observer of our reality into a full-on participant in the nightmare. These are the vortexes of economic crisis, unemployment, pandemics, and depression.

There is no need to avoid negativity. When we can stay energetically neutral, we naturally express no interest in what is negative.

An induced transition is accompanied by a negative event in a personal life layer.

Vadim Zeland

6. The Alternatives Flow

sea, ocean, flow

When you go with the flow, the world meets you halfway.

Vadim Zeland

Where there is no resistance, we dance with what is presented.

Where there is hostility against what is presented, we worry, stress, and grind which only leads to more struggle. When we are at war with our experience, issues escalate, and nothing gets accomplished.

To unlearn resistance is to see the value in letting go. And we will only let go if we can see that building a new world on old labored stressed out bricks does not work.

The heart knows and feels. The conditioned mind has been programed to think a certain way through the process of socialization and the accumulation of negative beliefs and life experiences.

So learning to pay attention to your spiritual state or state of mind is crucial. A fearful mind generates fearful images and the quality of thought reflects that. The opposite is also true.

The level of inner peace one feels, therefore, represents an ideal and optimal lifeline. It is to take care without worrying and to strive without placing exaggerated importance on anything.

Trying to control our outer situation comes from fear and not from an inner equanimity. To let go of control therefore paradoxically leads to control. It is an inner state of imperturbability that is not contingent on the pleasantness or unpleasantness of outer situations.

Shifting from wanting to control out of fear to that of being the observer dis-identifies one from the divisive and often unflattering voice in our head that denies, deflects, and denounces.

7. intent

eye, blue eye, iris

It is not desire that is realized but intention which is the resoluteness to have and to act.

Vadim Zeland

8. Slides and Visualization

According to the Reality Transurfing model, there is both inner and outer intention.

Inner intention is “me” enforcing my personal will. It is limited because it is based on "old tapes" and a limited sense of self.

Outer intention on the other hand is allowance and trust. "It is the concentration of attention on how the goal realizes itself” (Vadim Zeland)

Allowance is resistance and judgment-free because it is indicative of an open heart and mind.  Whereas inner intention strives to impact the world directly, outer intention allows for unknown forces to come into play to bring the goal into one's experience.

Inner intention is striving and thinking from one's memory. Outer intention is ease and trust in what is unknown. It is heart and mind co-ordination. It is an inner peace that knows that the goal is already accomplished in the space of variations.

To let outer intention work, it is important to reduce importance to the achievement of the goal. According to Vadim Zeland, accepting the possibility of failure is also to let go of attachment to the goal as a precursor to one's happiness. Fear of failure and over mentalization and analysis in the “how” keep the goal out of reach because it is excess potential.

Simply intend and move in the direction of the goal without unnecessary struggle.

sunset, cinema, demonstration

Slides are mental images that we carry around in our minds. When these mental images get infused with a lot of emotions, they get projected into the canvas of our outer world.  The foundation of all slides is the importance and the meaning we place on them.

When our slides appear as the magnifying glass of our believed shortcomings, outer intention will transfer us to a sector of reality where we get to experience our personal hell. To expunge the negative slide is to reduce importance on the image and to release all emotions associated with it.

Slides can also work to our advantage. "Allow yourself the luxury of deserving the absolute best" (Vadim Zeland) Positive slides help us  open our present perception of reality to include the impossible and implausible. To make use of slides constructively is to live in the picture virtually.

Effective use of slides is to visualize the process or the direction to achieving your goal and to take calm emotionless action.

If the process is not clear, the slide will take you in the direction.

9. Soul Fraile

body, spirit, soul

According to Reality Transurfing, every individual is unique. So, when we try to be like another person, we are turning our backs on the magnificence of our individuality. The Soul Fraile is innate and implicit and often covered by the suppressed feelings and limiting beliefs.

When our mind is in Soul Fraile, we are in love with ourselves and our lives. We enjoy what we do. We exude charm, a natural exuberance, and attractiveness. This is the result of a harmonious mind and heart.

When we tune in to each other's uniqueness we are frailing. The opposite of that is the fear of differences. This happens when we are concerned solely with our own problems and we attack others for being the cause of our upset.

To fraile with another, GIVE instead of trying to get. In doing so, we will also receive the very thing we thought we gave up.

An individual's personal power and influence is proportional to their free energy.

Vadim Zeland

10. Goals and Doors

doors, choices, choose

A goal is something that gives you real pleasure, something that gives you a feeling of joy, a feeling of a feast of life.

Vadim Zeland

One does not need to fight for happiness. One merely recognizes that happiness exists right here and right now on the current lifeline or it doesn’t exist at all. When we are unhappy, it is because we are perceiving life through "old tapes" and the filter of our limiting beliefs. We mistakenly make our happiness contingent on fleeting things and impermanent symbols. We suffer our feelings and our circumstances when we can choose to let go and decide on another way of looking at things.

As discussed earlier, pendulums represent a distorted perception of reality because they are energetic structures that restrict our natural desire to want to grow, evolve, and become free.

In order to remove ourselves from the influence of one’s limiting beliefs and public opinion, break the stereotype to embrace our soul fraile. In this way, our world opens up.

Ask yourself, what does your soul want?

To choose another's goal is to struggle against yourself. This then becomes a duty and an obligation instead of freedom. Where there is an obligation, intuition is stifled and creativity dampened. Following another will never lead to happiness because, at the core of it, we know this to be inauthentic. False goals are the product of socialization which are the "pendulumic" forces of established structures in society that espouse herd mentality and sterile thinking.

Here are some things to consider.

If you want to achieve something to prove something to yourself or to others, it is not your true goal.

If you make a decision that you feel is right and comfortable, you are listening to your soul.

Let go of your fear and your mind will become purposeful. Fear is the biggest block to our goals. It keeps authenticity hidden. Once fear is gone, walk your path consistently and everything will turn out just fine and even better than you expect it.


The concepts presented in Reality Transurfing are universal. They distill the idea of Quantum physics and transformation in a way that is accessible to the layman. They represent the karmic laws as understood by the Yogis and they showcase the power of intent and visualization as in the Law of Attraction. All in all, they teach the universal truth of the Law of Cause and Effect, and that Man, by understanding and having mastery over these laws, can create his own destiny.

To recap, here are the basic principles of Reality Transurfing:

  •  Be the observer of your reality
  •  In this way, we will not fall under the influence of others and pendulums
  •  Be in harmony within and without
  •  Have heart and mind co-ordination
  •  Listen to your soul and live by your credo
  •  Be fearful of nothing
  •  Use everything in your reality as a stepping stone. See the advantage or the opportunity.
  •  Choose consciously and consistently and everything will turn out ok and maybe even better than you expect it. As Vadim puts it,  let the "apples fall to the sky"

In Transurfing, visualization is understood to be the act of focusing on a mental image of the realization process of a current link in the transfer chain.

Vadim Zeland

Roy Gan

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