Life Takes Care of Me

Reality Transurfing : Life Takes Care of Me

Life takes care of me and has always done so. But this hasn’t always been the case. Learning how to trust my path has been challenging and at times excruciating. I found myself many times wrestling with my ego, parrying with my thoughts,  pushing back on decades of accumulated programming, and cherished beliefs.  These prior beliefs supported something other than Beauty,  a world where I was cared for and that my path would lead me to something good. I doubted myself, my world, and everyone in it because I had not yet learned to untangle myself from the voice in my head.

Love without trust is impossible, and doubt and trust cannot coexist

A Course in Miracles

It is indeed impossible to trust when you place faith in self-doubt.  It is impossible to see Beauty when you are in self-attack mode, listening and agreeing unquestioningly to the voice in your head that is constantly commenting that life should be different from what it is now, what to do, how to behave and who you are

In unawareness, we walk through life thinking that the voice in our head is who we are where in fact it is a string of alphabets and an accretion of emotionalized thoughts and beliefs with exaggerated levels of importance. However, when we can observe without prejudice, we learn to untangle from these unloving beliefs and wounded emotions.

Today, I still get challenged. I still feel ”shitty” at times but remembering to be established in Awareness, has brought me viscerally to the other side that I can actually see the light at the end of the tunnel. This is the living miracle of getting past the initial shock that the voice in my head is not who I am.

So how do you see beauty? Drop importance to the taskmaster’s voice. Ease your mind by actually looking actively for evidence that Life does take care of you. Shift your perception from that of being a victim of your thoughts to that of being the observer of them. Count your blessings. Frame everything from Love’s’ point of view. Be grateful for challenges for they bring an awareness to where you have been less than loving with yourself. Release grievances and see that everyone who has hurt you in your life was listening to the harsh critic in their head. It is not who they truly are. Forgive yourself and others. We are not thinking clearly when we hurt another. This is TRUE Innocence. 

This is a journey of no distance, a journey from unwillingness to willingness; from woundedness to wisdom; from untruth to truth; and from karma to yoga. It is a massive undertaking of Love as we surrender all prior investment in guilt and self-violence.

Peace and Blessings to everyone.

Roy Gan

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