Yoga Instructor

Yoga is the business of well being

Yoga is a Science and a living experience that finds expression in who we are, the kind of decisions we make, how we hold our emotions & how we relate to the world.

What My Clients Say

Helping you find success with personalized yoga

Yoga as a means to Self Transformation

The health, safety, and well being of my clients is my top priority. Integrity and purpose and the love for what I do are my guiding principles.
If you are a beginner to yoga, or if you would like to take your practice to a deeper level, please click on the button below to schedule your free one on one consultation to see if we are a good fit.

The benefits of a private session

Meeting the Student at where they are at

A beginner can feel overwhelmed in a public class setting, creating unnecessary stress. I can alleviate such concerns by helping you improve your form immediately. Corrections can be directly and efficiently addressed without being lost in translation.

Focus on personal goals

A private session with me will allow me to help you achieve personal goals for flexibility, strength and meditation

Creating a schedule that works

I can work around your schedule

Overcome health, emotional and mental concerns

Movement and meditation heal. I can help you create a course of action to address injuries, health & mental concerns. I have a decade worth of experience working with people who have auto-immune diseases, HIV, CMT, and other medical conditions. With loving and right instruction, yoga can be a powerful means of helping people improve the quality of their lives. Yoga awakens our innate ability to live the lives we all naturally desire.


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