People unconsciously create problems for themselves and then spend all their time, creativity, and energy trying to overcome them. This is because thus far there has been no appreciation of the power of our minds to create reality or make illusions.  So how do we eliminate problems in our lives? To become conscious of where we have created exaggerated levels of importance on things, where we have overvalued what other people think and where we have undervalued ourselves.

Most of our problems arise out of this distorted perception. I call it a "perception" issue. It is excessive mentalization and an out of control imagination that sees problems where there are actually none. That is the illusion.  Stop spinning the wheels of your mind for an instant and take a good look.  No one is holding a gun to your head. Neither are you being chased down the street with a knife. You aren’t starving and your family isn't stuck in a burning house with nowhere to escape. Those are problems.

Everything else can be eliminated by merely shifting your perception. We are so focused on what we THINK we do not have at the insanity of undervaluing what we do have.  If you don’t like something, examine your thinking and correct it. See how your "problems" are not really problems but serve as an advantage to propel you to a higher possibility.

So ask yourself... Where have I placed inflated importance on things? Where am I overthinking? Where am I creating my own problems and pulling information from my reality to support that version of life?

You are the problem and the solution. They are ONE. And it sure is nice to know.

Whatever happens, happens to you, by you, through you; you are the creator, enjoyer, and destroyer of all that you perceive.

Nisargadatta Maharaj

Roy Gan

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2 thoughts on “Non-Duality: The Problem and the Solution are ONE”

  1. investigate this site

    Thank you, I have recently been searching for info approximately this topic for a while and yours is the greatest I’ve came upon so far. But, what concerning the bottom line? Are you positive concerning the source?

    1. Thank you for your comment. Can you please explain what you mean by “concerning the bottom line?” and “concerning the source?”? If I can recognize that the problem is in my thinking and identification with the stories that my mind is telling me, the solution is also self-obvious. I can see through the storylines my mind weaves. I can start to pay attention to the nature of my experience without being lost in thought and over mentalization. If the source of the problem is in my mind, then the solution must also be there. In Awareness, there is the unmistakable recognition that the problem has already been solved. Please feel free to reach out to me if you need more clarification.

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