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There is nothing holding you back other than you


Why Coaching & Mentoring?

If we knew, we would already be there

When you are in unfamiliar territory, it is always easier with a guide who has traversed the terrain and has a map. You can, of course, do it through trial and error and enjoy the scenery along the way. That’s your prerogative. But if you want someone to help you clarify the destination, by-pass the pitfalls, and give you the means to get there, then I am here for you. I am all about collapsing time and helping you to actualize your full potential.


If you want to engineer something, you have to have a stable platform from which to build on.


Purpose endows our lives with meaning. Fear is the anti-thesis of that. When we can learn to let go of fear, our minds naturally become purposeful. When we don’t have an objective, life will mirror that confusion back to us. It will feel like we are being tossed around by forces outside of ourselves.

Blueprint | Manifestation

Everything that we can conceive of in our objective world started with a blueprint in our mind. Manifestation is appropriating the state that our desire are already accomplished. We now merely take action to receive it. 

Questioning limiting beliefs

When we are mindlessly scrolling through social media, we don’t realize we are doing it when you are doing it. There are beliefs that run our lives when we are unwilling to face them and uproot them at the source. When we shift radically from a wounded identity to that of the person we want to become, we attract what we are.

Demystifying Fear and Doubt

Love is the Absence of Fear. Conviction is the absence of Doubt. I can show you laser focussed methods on how to handle fear, doubt and “difficult” emotions. Our Freedom lies in looking at them and not dismissing them prematurely or avoiding them. I can show you how to build faith in the process 

Helping You Find Success With Personalized Coaching

Feel Like It’s Time to Make a Change in Your Life, But Can’t Seem to Find a Way?

Our limitations are only in our mind. So many times we stop ourselves from succeeding with doubtful thoughts like “What if it doesn’t work out?”. We argue for our limitations without even realizing we are doing it and it rules us from within.  I will show you ways to expand the boundaries of your awareness so that you are no longer bound to the past.  I will show you methods and tools to shift your identity.

What I can do for you?

I will help you to clarify your goals and purpose

The nature of the “monkey” mind is to stay where it is easy and comfortable.  There is no life there.  The very walls that protect you and keep you safe are also the walls that imprison you from growing, evolving and expanding. I will show you that these walls are self-made limitations and how to see their illusory nature and overlook them. What would you ask of LIFE if resource was no longer an issue?

I will show you how to question your limitations

The ego “monkey mind” is a trickster. After all, it is our very own intelligence working against ourselves. The ego is an unconscious movement and I will show you methods and strategies to see through the ego’s limited logic.

A coach calls you out on your BS

Someone who does not truly have your interest at heart will agree with you because they are in the same boat of needing external validation of their story. Trust can take time if you are moving from a guilty self-deprecating complex.  Someone who complains that “Life is unfair” will be stuck and cannot influence or change their lives in any significant way. A coach brings the student to the place of Self-Reliance and Self-Empowerment.

I will show you how your mind works and have it work for you

The Mind is so powerful that it can even create its own bondage and believe it to be so. When we are in bondage, it is our intelligence that works against us. This is rooted in the ILLUSION of Ignoring our MAGNITUDE. Imagine then what can be accomplished if your MIND is only taking instructions from Your Self.

How Do I know If Mentoring is Right For Me?

If you want to invest in yourself, but don't know how.

The lack of clarity is why most of us end up being self-defeated. Self-sabotage is the neurotic process in which we continually prove to ourselves how we are at the mercy of our circumstances and powerless to change them.  I can help you get in touch with the limiting beliefs and have them no longer rule you. The function of all good coaching is for you to have a a renewed appreciation and respect for the power of your mind.

I am sick and tired of being sick and tired.

You feel you need guidance on how to get out of the slump you are experiencing. You are no longer satisfied with the status quo. I can show you how to make your challenges a stepping stone towards success and no longer a  justification for more failure and self-defeat.

You are familiar with metaphysical concepts but it's not a living experience yet.

“Why can’t I seem to manifest what I want?”; “I’ve done all this work and it’s still not working out the way I want it to”; “It simply doesn’t work.”; “Why am I not awakened yet?”.  You see, we are not aware of how hard we are on ourselves till we can start to watch our mental diet uncritically. Our inner conversations rule us when are unconscious of them and unwilling to face them. I will supply the tools for you to face your doubts. Your freedom lies in looking at what was once hidden.

You are fearful of taking action to make change

Let’s face it.  We have all consumed information from society, media, culture, and family that we have unquestioningly accepted.  In not challenging what we are told, we remain in fear, doubt, anger, desperation, and guilt. The fear of taking action is part of what we have consumed that keeps us in the resignation of our status quo and feeling powerless to influence our lives in a significant and profound way.

My Approach

My approach is to help you fundamentally understand that it is not your surface decisions that are shaping and running your life but that which is hidden from you (the subconscious). That is why positive affirmations do not always work and feel accidental.  I will teach you how to imprint on the subconscious by giving you the tools to question your beliefs and then using your past as a stepping stone to breakthrough the quagmire of your status quo. We stay stuck in our past mental and behavioral habits only because we see them as obstacles and problems instead of gifts. To learn purpose as the way of navigation.

My approach is holistic in that it brings you into the awareness that you are your LIFE;  You are your Goals and You are your Prayer. I offer a systematic holographic understanding that the physical, mental, emotional and energetic facets of yourselves are not separate dimensions of experience. That your career goals are not separate from your social, material and relationship goals.  We will work together on your mind and also develop a strategy to convert metaphysical principles into action.


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Reach Your Goals

Unfulfilled dreams are a source of frustration and stem from fear and in an ability to move in the direction of your goals. I will help you establish a course of action and provide resources for you to develop the skills you need.

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