Testing The Law of Assumption

Desired Outcome


Conscious creation is impressing on your subconscious the thoughts, beliefs and images that are responsible for creating your reality. This is a willingness to learn that you are not separate from the power that flows through everything in existence. If life thus far has felt accidental,  then this shift from being at effect to being at cause will rightfully be looked on as confrontational from the perspective of the old world view, i.e. ego. The ego is the belief that something outside of me is responsible for the way my life is. It is survival oriented. Be OK with that. Observe. Judge Nothing. Resistance is natural when you are trying to shift into a higher possibility. I speak from experience and I am here to help you save time. All that is required of you is to test it out for yourself. 











Ask yourself what is it that i want to experience?
















If you are still starting out and testing this technique, and building faith in the process, start with something that you can actually believe. 
















Note the nagging feelings that tell you that it is not possible. 
















You are becoming aware of what is in your way. And all of it is information that you have collected from the collective cloud and learned and accepted. 










Construct a life like scene in your mind which would represent the desire fulfilled. 








To master fear is a meaningless concept. You cannot master something that is useless. The very act of attempting mastery of fear is the assumption that fear has value. All mastery is mastery through love and assistance.

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