Are You?  I AM.

Not "I Am John". Not "I Am Mary". Not "I Am a man or a woman living in so and so". Just Simply, Directly, and Unequivocally I AM.

I AM: Non-conceptual, Unseen, Pure, Free, Limitless, Eternal Potentiality. It is prior to all socialization, learned beliefs, and limited identities.

I AM is the Singular and Indivisible Principle which creates ALL physical, mental, emotional, and energetic experience. It is the One Source of All manifestation.  Everything that we have ever experienced in our reality originated first as an idea in our limitless I AM.

I AM gives birth to the self-concept, be it wounded or wise, whether made in knowingness, indifference, or un-awareness.

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To say "I AM" is one thing. To mean, feel and to be in alignment with "I AM" is another. "I AM", when fully understood, releases the floodgates of creation power, unimpeded, unobstructed and un-contradicted. We experience Flow, Peace, Love, Creativity, and Abundance. This is Our Natural State.

Whenever we say "I am not", "I have not", "I won't" or "I cannot", it is as if our Intelligence works against us. We experience confusion, conflict, and feel as if we are at the mercy of an outer hostile world that is independent of our perception of it. Through mindless repetition, this becomes an unconscious reactive movement of compulsivity, self-defeat, and self-sabotage.

The GOOD NEWS is, either Way, your Authentic I AM remains untouched, All-powerful, and All-knowing.  We have always been the Knower of our experience because our experience is created in I AM. This fundamental understanding radically changes the way we navigate through this Life. I Am gives us the confidence and faith to walk in full strides, learn a new skill, and pursue our passion instead of continually taking half steps.

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Therefore, become mindful of what you are thinking, believing, and hitching to your I AM.


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I AM is Authenticity. It is the SOURCE that creates every facet of physical reality that we see, feel, hear, touch, smell, and taste. It is the POWER that projects our beliefs as outer situations to experience first hand our self-concept.

I AM gives birth to the world we want to be true and articulates in laser point accuracy the full details of our story: the story we are telling ourselves, the story we wish to change, the story we have let go of, and also the story we wish to create.

We do not see or experience the same world.  Why is it in one situation someone sees a problem yet another sees an opportunity? Why is it in the same incident, someone feels angry, hurt, resentful, and betrayed and another is thankful and feels blessed?  Why is it for one person the mind seems to be a pleasant event and for another, it is a torture device? This is because our self-identity, state of mind, and worldview are identical.  The way we evaluate ourselves is the way we think and feel which in turn, influences the way we perceive and create our destiny.

A bitter self and mind see an unfriendly universe.

A beautiful self and mind see a friendly universe.


When we realize that what we meant, thought, and believed in the past has created our present situation, we will also be empowered to chart a new course and self-correct.

In seeing that we have made sickness and poverty through ignoring of I AM, we can also undo it through our acknowledgment of I AM.

In Awareness, there is empowerment and the natural desire to heal, grow, and continuously evolve. In un-awareness, there is only reactivity and the compulsive recycling of a guilt-complex for past woundedness.

There is Nothing outside of I AM.  This one principle when fully believed and accepted is the game-changer, for never will again will the world appear to rule you.

However, as long as we continue to believe that something or someone outside of us is responsible for the way we think, act, and feel, no true transformation can take place. We merely rehash the past and continue to experience life through the lens of the same wounded world-view.

All suffering, fear, and victimhood are rooted in the belief that I am and can be separate from the I AM.

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Blue print for manifestation

The Manifest World is a mirror of your beliefs, the meaning you have given to it, and identical to your self-concept. Knowing this, the world can no longer appear to rule you.

Examine your experience.

I AM the Knower of My experience. I have never been absent from any experience.

I AM the Knower of My mind and body. I have never been absent from the experience of thinking, seeing and feeling.

My thoughts, feelings, and actions do not determine or define who I AM. That is an upside-down perception that miscreates a false sense of "I"(ego) in which "I" think "I" can be at the mercy of a hostile world.

To wake up is to correct this reversal of cause and effect and recognize that I have always been the I AM presence, deluded into thinking that I am something else.

I AM is the original CAUSE.

I AM at CAUSE and not at EFFECT.

For in I AM, all things were created: things in heaven and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or powers or rulers or authorities, all things have been created through I AM and for I AM

Colossians 1-16

I AM is the authority of I AM.

I Am that I AM.

I Am cannot be defined by concepts.

I Am cannot be swayed by emotions.

What is timeless cannot be bound by linear time.

And what is Eternal cannot be subject to form.

As I AM, I Am the center of my experience.

As a separate human being, I am at the effect of a separate and hostile Universe.

The Foundation of this understanding is that there is no mysterious or external force out there that is creating wanton suffering, misery, and random events. There is no such thing as bad luck.

The Manifest World is the perfect demonstration of what we wish, mean, and believe to be real.

So if we wish to become happy, healthy, wealthy, and successful, we most absolutely can.

Connect to I AM and acknowledge I AM.

As we can mis-create massive woundedness unconsciously, then we can also consciously write another script of healing and beauty.

What would you like to become if there was no limit to what you wish to demonstrate?

Imagine what it would feel like if there was no hurdle in your thought, emotional, and creative process?

Meditate on I AM.

We become what we pay attention to.


Let's Enter the Silence.

Roy Gan

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