The Analogy of Computer



The mind is like a computer

There are basically two functions of the computer. 

One, you can write the software and use the software for the purpose intended. Two, you can also use the computer to pull in information that already exists on the internet and use it to to your advantage.

If you aware of how your mind works, then you will have the choice to use it to constructively. You will discriminate what information you would like to pull in from the Internet Cloud and what data or memory to discard, ignore or overlook. If you are unaware of even where the keyboard of your mind is, you may inadvertently thrash the keyboard or type out something unintelligible. The end product is always accidental and generates feelings of fear, uncertainty, destruction, separation, misspent energy and meaninglessness.

The computer is not a real entity. It is a bio-mechanical tool that replicates the software of your self-concept (ego) and then projects that into time and space for us to experience first hand our self image and state of mind. What we have thus far received from the Consciousness Cloud to be true for us is the code for our physical reality. 

As Awareness, as I AM, you are the operator of the computer. In unawareness and fear, you are out of control and reactive, acting like automatons controlled by the computer that stores all programs and socialized beliefs. “

Given this, we cannot then be of sound mind and see a hostile world. This would be a glitch in the matrix and be experienced as “uncomfortable” and “separate”. Anything that is uncomfortable is the invitation to look again at the conflicted software and re-evaluate.  Being aware, we can consciously engineer our lives with ease and balance and not place excessive importance on things. What our minds project is an experience and does not define who we are.

Likewise, we cannot be mindless and experience a loving and harmonious world.  The disconnect is experienced as apathy, grief, fear, anger and pride.

Our minds can make illusions or create what we truly desire to express.

Think of it this way.

If I am picking my reality apart and fighting the world, I will pull in information from the field for the purpose to prove how shitty my life is. The projection never lies and will confirm my self concept. I will then unconsciously write the code of “unworthiness” from these wounded experiences. The opposite is also true. Knowing this, I become empowered.

 In understanding the mechanics, we can then make a choice of what we wish to experience. Our purpose determines not only what we intend to see but how we see it. Perception creates reality.  What would you like your screen of consciousness to reflect? It can only reflect what your “master program”.

Therefore value no more pain or grievances. Let the past go. If you believe you are guilty, then the software is one of punishment and self denigration. The mirror never lies and produces consistently the thoughts and images that we hold to be true. We never fix the mirror. WE fix that which is being reflected on the mirror. All transformation then has to be within the mind itself.

“The most important decision we make is whether we believe we live in a friendly or hostile universe.

Albert Einstein

What information are we pulling in from the collective? More importantly, how are we interpreting this data and processing it? Our purpose determines how we receive anything. Can we distill what is important and unimportant? Can we callibrate for ourselves what is helpful versus what is unhelpful?

The programming language of the mind

“Do I desire a world where I am powerful instead of helpless?”

aConcepts are the basic prorgamming language of your mind. But more importantly, it is the meaning that you give to those concepts. “God” for example has different meanings for different people and therefore are used lovingly or for attack and divison. There is no point in arguing whose version of God is right or wrong. The only thing that is important is how you define it within yourself. And how you define it within yourself then becomes your experience.

For me, God is the same as I AM, Awareness, Omnipotence, Omnipresence and Omniscience. It is unbridled intelligence and prior to all concepts. Energy emerges from this Awareness that powers our minds. It is our minds that are creative.  To understand this, is to understand how everything works. Life supports all versions and realities. In Awareness, you can choose which reality you want to experience and shift into another trajectory.  You can actually influence your outer environment to work for you instead of being ruled by it.

To learn the code of the mind, one has to draw from one’s experience. We have thoughts, emotions, beliefs, convictions and seek confirmations. These are the basic building blocks in which we create the many layers in our world.  

Mind Map #1

Purpose is an Internal Matter

Purpose is the organizing principle. If you have cross purposes, you will have contradicting programs. A contradicted self concept will have conflicting beliefs which leads to inconsistent actions and incoherent thoughts. The situations in which we experience this psychological fear can be innumerable but the root of it is always found in the software. We then become convinced that our outer situations dictate how we think and feel. This becomes an endless cycle of self-sabotage, neurosis and mental argument.

Life molds the outer world to reflect the inner arrangement of our minds. Therefore there is no way to bring about a change in  outer world other without tracing it back to the original cause. To change the cause, we must transform our purpose and self concept.  In fact, our purpose, self concept, beliefs, actions, feelings and environment are One indivisible Experience.

As human beings, we are all looking for meaning. But when we place meaning outside of ourselves, we seek approval and validation. We place the power of decision outside of ourselves and let the world rule us. Does this actually work?  

When we believe that there is an outer world that is separate from my purpose, we act like victims because we think and feel and believe and act like one. When our beliefs get invested with a lot of emotional energy and charge, they become encrusted mental habits that rule us from within. We pull in information from the outer world to confirm our theory that life is unfair. 


Mind Map #2

The Mechanics of Projection

You can see here that our thoughts, emotions, beliefs, our need of proof and convictions are the apps of our mind.

So if you wish to change the trajectory of your life, it is important that you only address the cause which is in your mind. 

Understanding the mechanics of the mind, means that we must work with all of these facets of mind holistically. 

When we work with our thoughts, we must also feel the quality of the thoughts and see how they are form part of the bigger structure of our beliefs. Convictions are harder to disassemble because they have been invested with a lot of emotional charges and wounded experiences. Be patient. 

Find and feel the joy in the process and let that be your renewed purpose and shift of identity helps you expand into a higher possibility. Look for the confirmation of your renewed purpose in your outer world and consciously acknowledge. In this way, you will start to build faith that this really works.


What we are currently aware of now is our conscious mind. We can make decisions, discriminate, discern,  analyze, induct, deduce and reason. This we can categorize as the intellect. However it is limited as it can only process 5 to 7 bits of information at any given instant. Notice how much of our physical reality gets sifted out when you walk down the street.

The subconscious is like the Internet Cloud. It is the unlimited hard drive that stores all our memories, beliefs (both positive and negative), convictions, feelings and emotions. It is the code of our entire 3D reality, and the storage house of established programs like our mental habits, addictions and what we believe to be our self concept. The subsconscious stores everything that has ever happened to us including our reactions, triggers and how we interpret and process those experiences. The subconscious can override our conscious mind if we do not have sufficient will power. This is experienced as an addiction, feeling out of control and self-sabotage.

The subconscious also contains an infinite variations of possibilities and avatars. So if you are currently on a track that you are not happy with, then it is imperative that you let go of the attachment, resistance and judgment of your current life line to shift to another trajectory.

Remember that the job of the subconscious is to ensure that you react to every experience that is consistent with the programs that are put in place. When we enthrone the ego as our identity, we are driven by competition and fear because of the program of lack. Our projected physical reality is always consistent with our self concept, the “master program”.

The conscious however, can act on the subsconscious. For example, I can ask you what you had for breakfast yesterday and your subsconcious mind will retrieve that information for you. Like the internet, we can pull in all sorts of data as if we are doing a search on the internet. How you process, use and receive this information depends on your self concept. 

The unconscious are then the programs put in place to run on autopilot. We don’t have to regulate our heart beats 24/7. We don’t have to relearn to walk everyday. We don’t have to mentalize our digestion. It happens for us. We can regulate our breathe in instances but it is on autopilot when we sleep. 

For purposes of this course, it is unnecessary to concern ourselves so much with the unconscious. It is the subconscious that we want to transform since it is the memory banks of our master and cherished programs. What is your master program?  What is the default program that you revert to? We want to call awareness to that so that we can propel to a higher possibility.

Understanding how your mind works puts you at a greater advantage in terms of awareness.  If you know how to use the computer to your advantage, you can put in place many things that makes your reality easier to navigate. You can work your reality shortcut.  

Purpose | Will | decision

How to impress the subconscious?

There are many methods that will be talked about in this course but your main objective is to impress the subconscious to change the master program / self concept. Transformation means nothing of the old self-concept and world view remains. You cannot be both a victim and a creator. To be a victim some of the time and a creator some of the other time would create too much inconsistency and may lead to anxiety, desperation and depression. These emotions are massive repellents to the desired lifeline. Be patient and build faith in the process. When you find resistance strong, don’t fight yourself. Instead, observe, re-evaluate and decide what has value for you. Do this consistently.

Your persistence and commitment is your purpose and will re-redirect your subconscious to operate in consistence with your desired aim. Aim True.

Methods to impress the subconscious


i am ____________

Affirmations uses the programming language of the mind which is concepts and emotion.

By affirming the person you wish to become, keep going for the higher possibility and the version of yourself.

Happiness is creation becasue that is our true nature. You are always happiest when you express yourself authentically.

Your conscious decision can be overriden by emotional charges like doubt. 

Vain repetition and prayer is useless if there is no corresponding emotion of the purpose fulfilled. 

When you do not believe what you are affirming, you create a conflict unknowingly. So start with something that you can believe and start reinforcing it with positive emotion. 

When you hit a wall of emotions and triggers, take a step back. Observe, re-evaluate your strategy. You cannot let go of something that you are fighting. It is spinning your wheels and misspending mental energy.

We will deal later in this course how we can disassemble difficult emotions like doubt and fear and the unresolved past once we can get the basic blueprint down pact.


Affirmations opens the doors to a higher possibility. Affirmations remind us what is of value. Affirmations, though unreal to the senses, if persisted in, until they have the feeling of reality, will become convictions. Let the magic happen and your only responsibility is to impress on the subconscious what which you desire.


Stilling the obsessve-compulsive mind

There are many definitions of meditation. But for purposes of this course we will deal with two. Mind Watching where you are unentangled with the software and reprogramming your mind to think differently. It is essential mind training.

First, you want to put your mind in a state where it is receptive to your controlled and desired suggestion. The time you take to come into the zone varies with everyone. Consistent practice increases focus and makes it easier over time to come into a state of peace and openness. We let go of the armor. Our mind houses many mansions of different states. We are essentially shifting our awareness to that mansion where peace, happiness, courage, acceptance becomes the master program.

Essentially, meditation is setting the stage where you can make significant changes in your master program. Focusing on your breath, breathing consciously, yoga, running, exercise and mind watching are some of the methods. 

 Remember, it is difficult to describe a state but you will know when you are in the zone and peaceful.  This is totally experiential.

You want to put yourself in a state of mind that your subconscious is receptive to suggestion. You will experience this as a peace. Peace means total acceptance of everything, of every possible theory of life, of every possible scenario. There is no fighting or mental argument. What we resist, persist. We will use these little reminders to let go and reinforce what is it that we wish to experience. 

As you start to open yourself up to higher possibilities, you will see that what you are looking for is your very own Authentic Self. 

Be patient and keep expanding.


State it in the present

Avoid negative terminology

State what you desire.  Do not state what you do not want. When we place inflated and excess importance on what we do not want, that becomes our reality. This is experienced as resistance and it is misspent mental energy fighting the very thing that we want to get rid of. This is why peace and acceptance is crucial. You acknowledge what you do not want and wave it good bye. You become indifferent to it because it no longer has value for you. You are not bothered with it.

Through persistent assumption and feeling of the desire fulfilled, this will become your conviction and reality.

The outer world is effect. And so when we work with effects, we are merely exchanging our upset for another form of frustration.

It is indeed easy to revert back to what is a comfortable. Afterall, we have become familiar with a world view that we can be at the mercy of our circumstances and be deprived without consent. This assumption keeps us in the state of fear and stuck in the status quo of powerlessness. 

It is only through the inner world that any transformation can take place. Through the deliberate use of your imagination, we appropriate the subjective mental state which creates our objective reality.

Daring to assume that all things are possible to imagine, put this one reality to the extreme test by assuming you are the person you would like to be. Your reasonable mind and outer senses may deny it; but I promise you: if you will persist, you will receive your assumption. Believe me, you are the same God who created and sustains the universe, but are keyed low; so you must be persistent if you would bring about a change.

Neville Goddard



Continue to write in your journal with this renewed understanding that all you are doing is to impress on your subconscious to create your dream life.

Our minds work with images, feelings and concepts. With every thought or belief there are associated images and scenarios. Everyone has different symbols of what happiness, passion, joy is. For some of us, happiness is being out in nature. For some of us, wealth is a state being totally fulfilled regardless of what is the bank account. I trust that life will provide. For some of us, abundance is living in a big house. For some of us, passion is writing a new book or dancing or being an entrepreneur. Follow your bliss.

Surround yourself with those images that correspond with your passion and beliefs and take fearless action. If your wish is to have more money, let go of focusing on not having enough. Shift your state of mind to one of abundance and trust and take the corresponding action to engage in some income producing activity. Let the path be reveled as you take the step. They will unfold as you trust.

State your new positive beliefs. Come up with ones. Stick to the ones that you resonate with. Make it simple and direct and without any ambiguity. Renew. Refine and Reinforce your subconscious with the beliefs that you want to put in place till they become convictions. You can then place them on autopilot consciously.


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