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Breaking The Cycle Of Fear

Investigating The Cost of an Unquestioned Allegiance

Why are we stuck in jobs we don’t like? Fear. It’s fear that we cannot survive without it and we believe that there is no alternative. It is self-preservation at the cost of our authenticity. As a result, we activity resist change. Why do we making ourselves small? Fear of showing up. Fear of competition. We’d rather stay in the comfort of what we know rather than grow and evolve. It is an unwillingness to learn. Why do we stop ourselves from pursuing our passion? Fear of being different, unique and of being judged. We tell ourselves, “It’s impractical”. “It doesn’t pay the bills”. “We are unworthy and undeserving”. We keep justifying ourselves and recycling these excuses so that we can be right about it. It’s a story we tell ourselves repeatedly till it becomes fact. Why do we seek approval? Fear of insecurity. Fear of other people’s disapproval. And we live a life of people-pleasing. Why we are unwilling to take action? Fear of failure. Fear that “it won’t work out”. We live in a self-justified and endless mental dream world of “what ifs”. We become resentful and frustrated because of this unrealized potential, unaware that we are really pitting your own intelligence against ourselves. Why are we unwilling to open our hearts? Fear of woundedness, rejection and being taken advantage of. We become cynical and suspicious and weak in our own eyes. We are afraid of living and we wall ourselves off from what Life can truly offer. Why do we numb ourselves or abuse substances? We don’t like who we have become. We are frightened of our feelings. Why can’t we control our own minds? We have become afraid of our own thoughts. Why do we avoid fear at all costs? Fear of Fear itself. Let’s face it. We enthrone fear without even realizing it. It has become such a prevailing unconscious movement and a deep conditioning that rules us from within.  We may think that fear is the problem. But it is actually the illusion of ignorance. We ignore the beauty, truth, and magnitude of who we are. We ignore the Creator in us and our abilities to mold our lives in a way that we truly desire. We have been presented with a reality that we have come to accept without question and dare not challenge.  And when we get the slightest inkling of awakening, the forces of fear and the demons of our unresolved wounded past start to pull us down, threatening punishment.  We become socialized, programmed and settled in our ways and fearful of what will the rock the boat of our comfortable and yet unhappy existence. As human beings, we are capable of suffering just about everything and anything.  There is something deeply wrong and disturbing with this picture, isn’t it? It’s like we are in a dream and yet unaware that we are dreaming of isolation, separation, and limitation. We are like scared little children experiencing a nightmare. We constantly defend ourselves and building these walls of excessive protection to protect us from an out of control imagination. Our faculties have taken hostage on us and we put a mortgage on our soul. Our minds are our greatest asset but they can also become a misery making, limitation making machine. We have forgotten to take agency. The walls that protect also imprison. So how do we break through fear? We must have the courage to look at it, examine our experience, investigate it, scrutinize it from all angles and determine its value and reality for us. Anything short of this thorough investigation will leave room for doubt and fear to creep in. The only way out is the way in. The variations of fear are innumerable and they form the chains that make the armor that we carry around, but it only has one common unquestioned theme: LACK. That comes from the illusion of Ignorance. We ignore Beauty, Truth and the Magnitude of who we are. We ignore creativity, passion and our abilities to mold our lives in the way that we truly desire. It is the belief that I am a separate individual, separate from the All. In Un-awareness, we let the world tell us who we are. We let the giant news media tell us what we should be afraid of. We keep recycling fear and we live in a compulsive state of recycling bad news and negativity. We let society, schools, and establishments pressure us into what we should learn and who to become in order to be successful. We let social and cultural influences tell us what we have to do in order to be successful and well-liked and complete. We fall under the influence of a dream and we become fearful of those different from us. And in this way, we unconsciously accumulate a labyrinth of unquestioned beliefs, collect charged emotions and gather wounded experiences that we think defines us. We invest our energies in building a maze of unquestioned beliefs that are twisted, complex and neurotic and we spend all our time spinning our wheels trying to get out of this self-created maze. Our personal reality becomes layered with darker shades of hostility, victimhood, and separation. We begin to believe we are actually wounded and deficient. We ignore the creator’s spark in all ourselves and we start to lose the luster in our eyes and become ill. We may be able to delay, wait, paralyze and even deny the Creator in us but we cannot abolish it. It is time to wake up. Do you want to find a little bit more meaning in your life? Do you want to wake up every morning having energy and purpose? You most absolutely can master your reality. In this course, you will learn the following 1. What your fundamental identity it. It is your I AM Presence prior to all conditioning, socialization, and programming. 2. How to find your purpose and passion and to set clearly defined objectives. 3. How your mind works and how to make it work for you instead of against you. 4. What Fear is, How to look at it and hold it and finally relinquish its hold on us. 5. How to master your reality by understanding the rules of the game.

What is in this Course?

BreakThrough Fear | Master Reality


If you want to create something, you must have a stable and unyielding platform from which to build on. A platform from which your intelligence will work for you.


You must have a purpose as a way of life. If you don’t have a goal, life will mirror that confusion to you. You will feel like you are tossed around by forces that you think are outside of yourself. With an impassioned purpose, your old world view crumbles.

Blueprint | Mind Maps

Everything that we can conceive of in our objective world starts with a blueprint in our mind. Manifestation is appropriating the state of the desire already accomplished. 

Demystifying Fear

Love is the Absence of Fear. Conviction is the absence of Doubt. I can show you on how to handle fear, deconsctuct doubt and disassemble “difficult” emotions. Our Freedom lies in looking at them and not dismissing them prematurely or avoiding them. I can show you how to build an unshakeable faith in the process.

Questioning limiting beliefs

When we are mindlessly scrolling through social media, we don’t realize we are doing it when we are doing it. There are beliefs that run our lives when we are unwilling to face them and uproot them at the source. When we shift radically from a wounded identity to that of the person we want to become, we attract what we are and not what we want.

Master Reality | Principles

To master reality, we must learn the rules of the game. Principles govern our decisions and demonstrate the power of our minds. Methods when practiced consistently elucidate those principles into a living experience. We are looking for the experience that will end all doubting.

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