A Journey of no distance

Awakening through Inquiry, Healing, and Transformation


Self Inquiry

What is the distance to yourself?



All Healing is release from fear



Where nothing of the old remains

Hi, I’m Roy Gan and I am a law of attraction teacher, a yoga instructor, a demystifer of fear, and a manifesting coach.

For the past 40 years of my life, I have lived a lie. This inauthenticity was my Dark Night of the Soul. I lost my health, suffered untold physical and psychological pain and became heavily addicted to a shabby suicidal self that saw no possibility of redemption. This disillusionment was ironically the opening. It precipitated a spiritual awakening where I became aware of a fearful wounded personality-mind structure that was pretending to be me. This self concept was a victim of itself and that it was my mistaken identification with it that was the source of all suffering. I had felt like a fraud most of my life and now I saw clearly why.

You know, when your mind is coated with so many layers of complexity, defenses, narcissistic guilt and fear, it’s impossible to see clearly.

Awakening is to remove these filters. It is the undoing of the old, primitive reaction to life and to come into the full magnitude of who we are. To witness first hand that we have always been the alchemist of our lives. There is no one stopping or holding us back other than a story that we are telling ourselves.

When we give the power of causation over to the world, we  also manifest material crutches in order to be happy. We become victims of our outer situations. We push our creativity aside, become resigned to our set of capabilities and paralyze our magical abilities to literally influence the world and our lives in a significant way.

I am here to provide you a roadmap into your mind and to help you save time and actualize what we are all here to do. We may be born into victimhood but we need no longer stay there. We are all here to discover the Master that we already are and share and extend the gifts that we have chosen to play in this lifetime. The end game is Freedom and so the joy is in putting the pieces of puzzle together. I can show you how your life is not an empty promise. But it does take your willingness.


What is the Law of Attraction?

The Art of Manifesting

Manifesting is the conscious cultivation of the experience and the feeling that we wish to “attract” into our reality. It is to radically think from the desire fulfilled instead of to the desire fulfilled. It is to live as if the wish is already accomplished.  We attract who we are and not what we want.  We can have the dream car, house, partner and life as by-products of this fundamental understanding.

Seek ye first your Self, and then all things will be added unto you.

I can show you laser targeted methods that will help you to demonstrate the inherent wisdom and intelligence to manifest the dream life. Ask yourself, what do you want out of life? We cannot make a journey without knowing what our destination is. Therefore be unashamed to ask & brace to receive. They are not separate.  Giving is Receiving.

What is YOGA?

The Science of Well Being

Yoga means union. This means in the ultimate sense that there is no separation between Source and Creation. In practical terms, this means that there is no separation between what you consider yourself and your experience. What you are is what you experience.  You are the Prayer. You are the Book you wish to read. Your self-concept and the world are identical. The way you think, is the way you breathe, which influences the way you feel and the way energy flows in your body and how you experience the events in your life. This in turns determines the way you relate to your world which then solidifies your beliefs, decisions and your self-perception. These are not separate facets of Beingness but really one holographic quantum arrangement of the same One energy manifesting itself as many different expressions.  Yoga embodies:

My Life is My Making.

My Life is the Law of Attraction in Action.

I can give you a road-map of your mind, emotions, body and energy as a way to consciously enhance your life and actualize your potential. This is not simply Theory, Mathematical or Philosophical. It can be and is a Living Experience. It takes your Willingness to Look.

What is Fear?


When we are mindlessly scrolling through social media, we don’t realizing it till we become consious that we are doing so. Fear is such an unconscious movement. When we are mindlessly fearful of our thoughts, emotions and situations, we don’t realize we are doing it to ourselves till we become aware of it. It is an unconscious kingdom that we have set up that rules us from within. In Awareness, we are free and powerful. In un-awareness and pretense, we are limited and in bondage.

I can show you how to demysitfy fear for yourself, get a handle on your difficult emotions and stop seeing them as obstacles to mastery.

How does Life Work?

Hacking the Code

Whether you are looking for a health, financial or relationship solution, the blueprint for manifesting the creative solutions in your life are identical. We all want to manifest the dream house, car, partner, job and health. But why not manifest a beautiful and wise mind which will give you those things? It is only the Mind that is truly creative and it is the appreciation of the power of the mind we receive our dreams as a by-product of this living understanding. It’s not a theory. It’s a way of living. You and Your Life are not Separate. They are ONE.


To shift from a fearful, guilty and doubtful complex can be difficult but not impossible. I can show you methods to build faith, Trust and a renewed appreciation of the power of your mind. The proof is in the pudding. And you will be able to prove it to yourself regardless of what the world thinks of it.

Foundation | Self-Inquiry

Establishing a proper foundation is integral to manifesting consciously. A clear understanding of True Cause and Effect is essential to demonstrating your desires 

MindSet | Blueprint

An understanding of how the mind works is absolutely critical if you want to manifest consciously. The mind is the instrument of creation. It is the storehouse of your imaginal acts, memory and the operating system of your beliefs.   By demystifying fear, the student will also come to appreciate the mind either as a process of bondage or passage to liberation. 

Methods | Healing & Transformation

The student will be given laser focused instructions on how to heal and let go of the past, change their limiting beliefs and practice time proven methods to end all psychological suffering. 99% of students stop short of taking action. Through conscious and incisive action, we experience expansion and build faith in the process of transformation. 

To Learn more about what I offer

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