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Supplying you with the tools to investigate the nature of your experience, question your beliefs, change your world & fall in love with your life

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Yoga (Private, Corporate, Group, Livestream)

Yoga as a means to self-transformation. Giving you the tools to find creative solutions to your health, emotional, and mental challenges. To learn more about the benefits of private instruction, my offerings, and how to awaken your innate capacity to heal, please click below.

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Life Coach

Well-being is a skill that can be acquired through the ability to pay close attention to your experience.  Coaching helps you make sense of your reality and to gain clarity about what you want. A coach helps you to ask the right questions and to frame your life experience in a way that empowers you to explore your own answers. A coach provides you with the roadmap to create the life you love. To learn more about mind training, how to question your limiting beliefs, and to take charge of the way you think, feel, and perceive life, please click below.

Blog Posts

Free offering of articles, metaphysical principles, and techniques to help you break through fear, examine your thinking, and harness the greatest asset you have: your mind. To learn more about how I apply spiritual principles into my daily life, click below.

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Join me for a no-nonsense, solid, fun, joyfully-paced, and conscious meditative, Ashtanga-inspired flow. You will experience an all-rounded meditative flow that includes sun salutations and their variations, intelligently choreographed and sequenced to include standing warrior poses, forward folds, twists, inversions, backbends, and core. Modifications available and options for more seasoned practitioners.

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